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How Can I Get Help?

Most individuals with FASD are never diagnosed. Problems related to pre-natal alcohol exposure can include language, motor and cognitive delays which can include intellectual disabilities, facial abnormalities, heart defects, and vision and hearing problems. Problems associated with FASD tend to intensify as children become adults.

Because most people with FASD have no visible signs of alcohol exposure, their problems may be wrongly blamed on poor parenting or on other disorders. Early diagnosis and intervention contribute to positive long-term outcomes.

An accurate diagnosis can:

  • Help the person receive appropriate services.
  • Aid communication among clinicians, caregivers, educators and families.
  • Provide better self-awareness and understanding by family members.

While diagnosis in childhood is ideal to assist with earlier understanding and appropriate expectations, many children and youth are unable to access diagnosis at this time due to a range of barriers. Many individuals find themselves in adulthood, searching for an explanation for the struggles they have faced throughout their lives such as:

  • difficulty learning or focusing in school
  • maintaining employment
  • keeping positive relationships
  • or overcoming drug and alcohol addiction.

Assessment and diagnosis of FASD may provide some of the answers adults and their families search for, as well as improve access to services.

If you think you, or someone you know, may have FASD, the first step in getting the help you need starts with a diagnosis.

If you are a resident of Florida, you can start this process by clicking the button below. If you do not live in Florida, please click here to find help in your area.



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Florida Fights FASD is a public awareness campaign facilitated by The Florida Center for Early Childhood whose mission is to build strong families … one child at a time. This public service initiative has been initially funded by the Florida Department of Disabilities Council and has been expanded on through funds from the Florida Department of Health.

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